12 Days Off the Grid

Imagine a place where tourists still use printed guide books; citizens stand in line to use pay phones, and there is no traffic on the AutoPista since no one can afford a car or gasoline. Internet connectivity is very limited (only in upscale hotels), and very slow. It’s a time warp back into the 1950’s.


With no Trip Advisor, Yelp, or Google Maps at the ready, we had to rely on our two excellent guidebooks the detailed National Geographic map that we purchased prior to departing the USA. This map even included the dirt roads throughout the country. GPS was available on our cell phones, but with no Internet to access maps it was useless.


Getting around in Cuba is quaint, reminiscent of the way we got around several decades ago in the rest of the world. We had to use street signs (when available) to figure out where we were and paper maps to get to our destinations.

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