Farewell Cuba. What a Sendoff!

We’re now back in San Francisco, after a whirlwind Cuban adventure. On our last night, we visited the Tropicana – Havana’s premier cabaret and nightclub which has operated for over 75 years.


The gigantic cast of this extravaganza was talented and beautiful. They surrounded us on all sides – on the stage, up in the air and on both sides of our seats. Most of the gals (5’10”” and around 110 pounds) wore costumes that were as colorful as they were miniscule!


Ed was able to get up close and personal with this showgal, as he “researched” the fabric and sewing in her outfit.


The singers blasted out the Cuban hits, while the live orchestra provided a lively beat. The gymnasts performed expertly and wowed the crowd.


We arrived at the Tropicana by taxi – this time it was a ’57 Cadillac, complete with tail fins.


On the way home, we actually rode in a yellow cab – a new model fiat that had A/C! When we told this driver we were from SF, he said, “oh, there is so much opportunity there.”


So, adios Cuba! Thanks for the fabulous experience. We loved the art, architecture and the famous graffiti.


When we play our CDs at home, we remember the music resonating from every corner.


Ed expertly drove the rental car without any hiccups.


And Jan negotiated lodging and dining in Español, and managed our CUCs.


Traveling independently was fabulous. A NY Times article published on 12/16, included this question, “Can any American citizen visit Cuba now?” Here’s the response:

“As long as the trip falls within one of 12 purposes, Americans can go to Cuba without having to apply for permission, in the form of a license, from the government. The 12 categories of legal travel include visits to close relatives, academic programs for which students receive credits, professional research, journalistic or religious activities and participation in public performances or sports competitions. As Robert Muse, a Washington-based lawyer who specializes in U.S.-Cuba related law, put it: If somebody wishes to travel to Cuba and they “can’t think up a way to fit into those categories, they are not trying."

So, if a trip to Cuba is in your future, we’re happy to share more details to anyone interested in conducting a research or journalistic expedition.P1110759

This is our final post about Cuba.  We wish all our readers Happy Holidays and we'll see you when we're on our next adventure in 2016.

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  1. Hey guys...Keith here from our meal at Lotay's aunt (was it?). I'm thinking of a trip to Cuba this summer. This post helped immensely with regulations. But tell me, where did you get your visa card? From a consulate, or did your trip planner have them for you? Where are you now?


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